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The RACE ACROSS AUSTRIA is a self-supported ultra-distance cycling race.

The usual guidelines and codes of honor of the bikepacking movement apply.

Every participant travels at their own risk .

The event type is a cycle tourism event.  There will be no road closures, but participants must adhere to the Austrian road regulations (StVO 1960), the content of which participants must inform themselves about before the start of the event.





  1. You must be at least 18 years old before the first day of the event.

  2. The following bikes are allowed: Road bike, TT, Gravel bike , Touring bike   / GRAVEL DAYS only Gravel bike, Cyclocross, Mountainbike.

  3. Drafting is NOT permitted, the minimum distance to other cyclists is 100m.

        In the DUO category, slipstreaming with your partner is permitted.

        Drafting is allowed at GRAVEL DAYS!

  1. The briefing will be sent online in German and English by the organizer one week before the start.

  2. No insurance, no participation. You must have valid liability, death, accident and health insurance that is valid during the event and covers emergency and repatriation insurance. This insurance must be sent to the organizer by email at least 4 weeks before the event. It is important for your insurance to be valid for an amateur event.

  3. First aid in the event of an accident is mandatory. Helping participants with technical problems is a matter of honor and permitted.

  4. Rubbish belongs in the rubbish bin and not on the side of the road.

  5. You cannot expect any service or support after the official time limit.

  6. Follow the crew's instructions, they are only doing this for your safety and the smooth running of the event.

  7. There is no broom cart; in the event of a premature termination due to technical, weather or health reasons, the journey home must be organized independently.

  8. The Austrian road traffic regulations must be observed.

  9. You agree that the photos, film recordings and other sound or image recordings made in connection with the event may be published and also used for advertising purposes for future events organized by the organizer. This does not result in any entitlement to compensation.

  10. You expressly confirm the accuracy of all the data you have provided. You also agree that the data provided during registration may be stored electronically and your name may be displayed on a public list of participants.

  11. Registration will be confirmed after receipt of payment, after which the starting place is considered secure. There will be no refund if you cancel. You can book suitable cancellation insurance in the registration form. 

  12. The use of photo and film material taken on the route and during the event is prohibited for commercial purposes and for sponsors or other companies.

Self Supported

  1. You have to cover the entire route from start to finish on your own bike, alone and without outside help. Propulsion aids (e-bikes) of any kind are not permitted. Swapping bikes on the go is only permitted in exceptional cases and with prior agreement with the race management. You are responsible for breaks, meals, overnight stays, accommodations and any repairs.

  2. The use of publicly accessible facilities and services such as bike shops, restaurants, snack bars, hotels, motels, B&Bs, supermarkets, shops, bakeries, etc. is expressly permitted.

  3. DUO categories can share all resources among themselves, but external help is not allowed. If one of the riders drops out, the DUO will be considered a DNF (did not finish), but the other rider can continue and be considered a finisher (as an out-of-time SOLO).

  4. Help and support such as food, accommodation or replacement material from accompanying persons such as friends or family members is not permitted.

  5. Accompanying persons, photographers, videographers and support vehicles of any kind are not permitted on the entire route. Spectators are allowed on the side of the track as long as they do not provide you with any kind of help.

  6. During the RACE ACROSS AUSTRIA you are not allowed to visit friends or family members along the way or to accept help or support of any kind. This rule is in the spirit of equal opportunities for all participants.

  7. “BaseCamps” (material depots) are set up by the organizer. At the start you can hand in your “RACA 20lDropBags” filled with items of your choice. Your bags will then be transported to the respective “BaseCamp” locations and to the destination. The "RACA 20lDropBags" will be provided by the organiser. Always 1 DropBag per person for the respective BaseCamp.

  8. Setting up additional private material depots on the route is not permitted.



  1. The organizer will provide you with the entire route, from start to finish, in the form of a GPS track (GPX file) 4 weeks before the start.

        With RACA2000 the 15 segment routes are provided in GPX files.

  1. You have to follow this given route/route true to the original from the start to the finish. Shortcuts or route changes of any kind are not permitted.
    Excluded are ordered diversions or route changes (construction sites, storms, etc.)

  2. You have to navigate the whole route yourself.

  3. You must obey traffic rules at all times, expect other road users and adapt your driving style accordingly.

  4. If you leave the route for a stop, an overnight stay, a visit to a bicycle mechanic, etc., you must rejoin the route at exactly the same point in order to continue your journey correctly.

  5. You travel at your own risk and responsibility at all times. The route is NOT closed. The road traffic rules according to the STVO must ALWAYS be observed. The organizer strictly rejects any liability!


Maximum allowed times

The time limits of the events are calculated based on the start times of the participants and participation in the RACE ACROSS AUSTRIA is set as follows:

  • 300 kilometers: ADVENTURE 30 hours / RACE 24 hours

  • 500 kilometers: ADVENTURE 60 hours / RACE 48 hours

  • 700 kilometers: ADVENTURE 76 hours / RACE 64 hours

  • 1000 kilometers: ADVENTURE 112 hours / RACE 88 hours

  • 2000 kilometers: ADVENTURE 199 hours / RACE 175 hours

  • GRAVEL DAYS - 100 kilometers: ADVENTURE 12 hours / RACE 8 hours


GPS tracker/control

  1. For control and safety reasons, you must always carry an activated and switched on GPS tracker from start to finish. The GPS tracker is mandatory and is provided by the organizer. Does not apply to GRAVEL DAY participants - no GPS tracker. 

  2. Times, positions and speeds will be checked after the finish. For GRAVEL DAY participants, manual timing with a list of results is carried out.

  3. Switching off the tracker without notifying the race management will result in exclusion from the event.

  4. In the event of a malfunction of the GPS tracker provided by the organizer, all evidence (photos, videos) will be examined by the organization to confirm compliance with the rules. 

  5. From the start to the finish you must always have an activated and switched on mobile phone with the WhatsApp app to enable communication with the race management at all times.

  6. With the “RACA GATE” card provided, stations that are also “RACA Bas eC amps” or locations must be approached and stamped.

  7. Race management and all officials are authorized to monitor the race. Both can stop you to inform you about the rules and safety regulations and, if necessary, impose penalties or even disqualify you.



There are some pieces of equipment that we require all participants to have. The main thing is your own safety, for example in the event of possible weather changes in the mountains or in the event of falls and accidents.

These points are checked during the technical check before the event.

These are:

  • helmet

  • GPS tracker (provided)

  • Cycling computer or mobile phone (navigation) with the GPX data provided

  • Mobile phone with WhatsApp app

  • Rain jacket

  • warm clothes for possible weather changes in the mountains

  • SOS emergency blanket and first aid kit

  • Red reflector stickers on the rear pipes, facing backwards on the left and right

  • White reflective stickers on the fork, left and right facing forward

  • At least 3 yellow or white reflective stickers per wheel side

  • Four yellow reflective stickers on the cranks, visible to the front and rear

  • Double, sufficient lighting on the bike (a reserve set of front and rear lights).

  • High-visibility vest or safety belt is recommended during the day and is mandatory at night between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.! 


The following equipment applies to GRAVEL DAY participants:

  • helmet

  • Cycling computer or mobile phone (navigation) with the GPX data provided

  • Mobile phone with WhatsApp app

  • Sufficient lighting on the bike (front and rear lights).

  • High-visibility vest or safety belt during the day is recommended and is mandatory from 8 p.m.! 

Penalties for breaking the rules

There are several visible and invisible officials on the track who ensure that everything runs sportily and fairly.

If a participant observes a fellow competitor violating the rules, he or she can and is asked to report this to the race management or the officials. Clear documentation, evidence such as photos and videos is a basic requirement.

The organizer may check compliance with these regulations before, during and after the event and, at its sole discretion, immediately impose the following penalties.

1. Taking advantage of a participant's drafting is prohibited for participants in the SOLO categories .  Any person who benefits from or has benefited from a slipstream will be disqualified, as will the driver in front.

2. Leaving the course - Any participant who leaves the course must resume it where he left it.
If we determine from the GPS measurement point measurement that a participant has cut off the route in any way, the penalty will be as follows: - A participant's
time saved is between 0 and 60 minutes = a penalty of 3 hours will apply

The time saved by a participant is between 31 and 60 minutes > a penalty of 6 hours applies.
The participant will be disqualified for the third offense by shortening the route.

3. Unauthorized media vehicle = disqualification

4. Throwing away garbage = penalty 4 hours

5. Lack of the required safety equipment such as: Helmet, front and rear lights working, no safety vest = disqualification

6. No assistance - first aid to a person in difficulty = disqualification

7. Using a bicycle that has not been reported to the organization = penalty 4 hours

8. Unauthorized assistance – slipstreaming a cyclist / riding in the wake of a vehicle = immediate disqualification 

9. Using a means of transport, sharing the start number, holding on to a moving vehicle = immediate disqualification

10. Failure to comply with road traffic regulations = penalty 4 hours

11. Switching off the tracker without reporting to the race management = immediate disqualification

12. Passing the GPS tracker on to another person = immediate disqualification

13. Refusal to comply with an order from the event management, a supervisory officer or police officer, a doctor or a first aider = disqualification

14. Refusal of anti-doping control > Immediate and lifelong disqualification

Time penalties are incurred as soon as the rider has crossed the finish line, but the participant will be informed by the monitoring platform of the event management's decision-making.
Disqualification penalties apply immediately and the driver will be informed as soon as race management has made a decision.
Any other violation of the rules will be sanctioned by the event management.


Liability/legal recourse

Participation in the RACE ACROSS AUSTRIA is at your own responsibility and risk. The organizer excludes all liability for all personal injury and property damage. No liability claims can be asserted against the organizer. Insurance against accidents, illness or theft as well as personal liability is the responsibility of each participant. By registering for the RACE ACROSS AUSTRIA, each participant accepts and signs the RACE ACROSS AUSTRIA disclaimer and releases the organizer and its assistants from all liability claims, to the extent permitted by law.


Final provisions

Anyone who violates one or more points of these regulations will be excluded from the RACE ACROSS AUSTRIA.

The organization can exclude drivers from the start without giving reasons.

By registering for the RACE ACROSS AUSTRIA you accept all conditions stated in these regulations.

These regulations can be adjusted or changed at any time 


Regulations April 30 , 2024


RACA supports Austrian muscle research with € 5,- per sold cycling jersey.

Support us too! Your donation will make an important contribution to

to research into incurable muscle diseases.



"Your starting place = 1 tree for Austria"

With your starting place at the GRAVEL DAY you plant a tree in the RACA forest.

This makes you an active climate protector and you will receive a certificate

with the RACA Forest geodata.



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